Introduction to School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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  School of Electrical and Electronic Engingeering, Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) is composed by four specialties:Electrical Engineering and Automation, Automation, Electronics and Information engineering, and Sino-US cooperation subject-Electrical Engineering and Automation.

  School of Electrical and Electronic Engingeering currently has a high-level academic, teaching and experienced staff. There're 62 members in the school, including 49 full-time teachers-8 professors, 14 associate professors,and 9 teachers with doctoral degrees. The school now has an enrollment of 1080 full-time degree candidates.

  The school efforts to train students to be spirit-innovative, ability-practical field-based high-level engineers with a global vision. Regional economic and social development services, based in Shanghai, the country, meet the social demands for talent production field engineers, achieved good results. In recent years, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the employment rate of graduates each year has remained at 98%, and professional counterparts in the employment rate of 90%.

  The school attaches great importance to scientific research, according to "Do something, Do certain things" approach, in basic research and applied technology research to applied technology research-based, taking into account basic research, especially for the major characteristics of the College support, commitment to a group of high-level scientific research projects and achieved good results. In recent years, research funding increased year by year, published in various publications, has a certain impact on the amount of research or teaching and research papers, EI, SCI included more than 50 papers, has won awards at provincial level or above than 10 items. In the school-enterprise cooperation, the school building on the positive in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, electricity, environment, food, aerospace, electronics, transportation, marine and other fields take a number of research projects have a major impact, and establish a good reputation .